Provox ActiValve 10 mm


Atos Medical

Tracheoesophageal speech valve, indwelling, non-sterile

The Provox ActiValve Prothesis, supplied by Atos Medical AB, are considered to be MR-Unsafe, since they contain magnetic and metallic components that have potential of interfering with the MR-field. Experimental data from tests with Provox ActiValve have shown that for the patient there is no risk of dislocation (tested up to 1.5 Tesla). However an area of at least 3 cm around the prothesis will not be reliably depicted.

The magnets in Provox ActiValve may be affected by MRI which can cause leakage through the prothesis. If the Provox ActValve is in place during the MRI ensure proper function after the MR procedure.

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