CODMAN® BACTISEAL® Endoscopic Ventricular Catheter



Intracerebral infusion/drainage catheter, short-term

The BACTISEAL Endoscopic Ventricular Catheter (catalog no. 82-3087) and the BACTISEAL Endoscopic Ventricular Catheter and Distal Catheter Kit (catalog no. 82-3088) have minor amounts of material that are metallic or conducting. These minor amounts of metallic materials will not pose an additional hazard to a patient undergoing an MRI procedure. The metallic material tantalum is used for depth marking purposes on the ventricular catheter only. The tantalum constitutes less than 1% of the total mass of the ventricular catheter and, therefore, can be considered “MR safe.” The distal catheter, contained in catalog no. 82-3088 only, contains no materials that are magnetic or conducting and, therefore, is “MR safe” in accordance with the American Society for Testing and Materials (ASTM) Standard F2503.

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